Mark Twain hadn’t given a thought about Healthy Treat when he said this “The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.” The anti thesis of this statement forms the vision out of which Healthy Treat is born. We at Healthy Treat want you to feast on your favorite sandwiches, gorge on your favorite salads and glutton about your dearest shakes and give a damn about your health. Because with us you stand rest assured that the food you have is healthy. The other indelible aspect of Healthy Treat is to have customers pocket also enjoy the treat. We may be heavy on the cheese in case of sandwiches, a little heavy on milk in case of shakes but when it comes their prices we are lighter than air.

For starters, Healthy Treat is a chain of niche restaurant, started in the year 2010, and is spread across Delhi NCR. The various delicacies it offers for a foodie are sandwiches, salads, burgers, shakes, fresh lime, ice-creams etc. Though, we pride ourselves being a niche restaurant chain but in taste, service and prices our range is varied like a rainbow. We can proudly say that we can entice your taste buds and fit in any pocket to pay.

Our graphical representation is three leaves over the text ‘Healthy Treat‘. This forms our Brand Identity Logo. Our trademark is the reflection of the values we have inherited and wish others to ingrain. We stand for the Passion-to work smart, Innovation-to give a new and fresh treat everyday and Quality-to serve best to our customers.

Healthy Treat is a brain child of two Mechanical Engineers Ankit Jain and Varun Garg of which Ankit Jain is taking it forward to Corporate Canteens and big retailers. From the college days it wasn’t the rigmarole of engineering but something else that use to excite their grey cells which force them to make their dream come true.

As Dronacharya was to Arjun, Mr. Vinod Jain has been to the founders of Healthy Treat. He is a well known businessman in South Delhi circles with a flourishing garment trade business. He has been the lighthouse to their entrepreneurial ship. He has been their mentor in financial, logistical and operational aspects of Healthy Treat.

The sole vision of Healthy Treat is to build healthy taste, because at Healthy Treat it is the health of our customers which comes first, and when health comes up with an exciting taste, what else you would ask for?

We draw this courage to take upon this venture with its inherent risks with the sole goal to treat our fellow citizens with healthy delicacies at fair prices. We have stepped in with Healthy Treat not only to fill the void but to set a new trend in hospitality industry.

– Ankit Jain, founder, HT

Healthy Treat invites you at their various outlets, to let your taste buds enjoy a whole new experience of yummy healthy food with cool ambiance, great music and faster than light service.